Burzenski & Company, PC is one of East Haven's most experienced audit companies.


Since 1983, the staff at Burzenski & Company has been providing comprehensive auditing services for private companies. Auditing is an area of specialization for us.  


During the audit process we develop a relationship with clients that is built upon trust, realistic timetables and solid business insight. We work alongside client managers and staff to gather necessary financial information with minimal schedule interruptions. We keep clients informed of all compliance regulations and provide documentation to further the business and improve the audit process. When changes occur that affect a client’s business or industry, we provide notification of the change before it is enacted.  


The complex audit process requires a stringent attention to detail and timeliness to produce high-quality results. The audit should generate efficiencies and improve the client’s bottom line. This process requires judgment, maturity, expertise and competent creativity from an auditor – trademarks of Burzenski & Company. 


Our Slate of Auditing Services:


  • Audits of financial statements
  • Audits of pension funds
  • Operations consulting
  • Assistance in management information systems



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